Our Boats – How to Find the Best Deals on jet ski

To reserve our jet ski super bikes, we offer the 1800CC model at a price of AED 300, while the 1100cc model is available for AED 250. Please note that the aforementioned prices are applicable for a one-hour duration. In the interest of children’s safety, it is mandatory for them to be accompanied by their parents during the ride. We strictly adhere to the terms and conditions set by UAE laws, and therefore, we kindly request you to review them before proceeding with the booking. It is essential for both the driver and passengers to wear life jackets throughout the ride. To secure your booking, we offer the convenience of pre-booking through our website or by contacting our mobile number.

Jet Ski Rental Abu Dhabi
Jet ski Bike 2016 Super 1800
Seven Star Jet Ski 1800 CC - Super Bike
Jet Ski Ride 1800 CC 2014 - No Super Bike
Jet Ski 2011 1100 CC